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50 43. Sea fog is common in the warm sectors of depressions. It is also common when tropical air travels over cool sea in other circumstances. Because the sunshine has a negligible heating effect on the cloud itself (See 40), and alters the sea temperature very little (except where the water is very shallow), sea fog is only dispersed when it is carried in the wind over sunwarmed land. Here we see the fog over the water of an estuary being blown on to the land and gradually turned into cumulus.

Although not all cold fronts are accompanied by the kind of refreshing clearance of storm clouds shown here, they are the most interesting and produce very rapid, beautiful, and dramatic changes in the sky. In this example mamma can be seen in the anvil of the nearest cumulonimbus. The cold air is moving from the right. 32 25. The clearance at a cold front is often quite sharp but not accompanied by a belt of rain. On this occasion the low cloud disappeared first and in this picture we see the final edge of the cirrus which is moving away to the left.

I) D o lines of cirrus always lie along the wind direction? (ii) What happens to pileus cloud—it only lasts for a few minutes? (iii) Does the wind blow exactly along cloud streets? (iv) Is the motion at a sharp cloud edge (25, 40) along it or across it? (v) Is there any downward motion on the outside of a cumulus cloud? (vi) If the clouds at different levels are moving differently is this related to the orientation of billows and fallstreaks? Are billows usually at right angles to fallstreaks?

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