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By X. Xie, Ch. Haberland

Plane layout 2 (1999) 147 - 165

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18/40, except for a switch to Merlin XX engines. 7mm) Browning machine guns in a power-operated turret located in a fairing on top of the amidships fuselage. This would be remotely controlled by a gunner seated alongside the pilot and the turret guns could be elevated up to 45° and turned 60° to either side, subject to some restrictions from the airscrews; the 20mm guns were located in the bottom fuselage. 18/40. Gloster's design was unofficially christened Reaper. 97B. 18/40 (late 1940). Bill Harrison Q Gloster Reaper night fighter (mid-1940).

83 minutes to 20,000ft (6,096m), service ceiling was 25,500ft (7,772m) and range with normal load 500 miles (805km). 1 006 Ground Attack Hawker also offered a modification of an existing design, the Henley. SM Merlin; span was unchanged and length only slightly more. 303in Brownings were housed in the rear cockpit and another pair in the middle of each wing, and two 2501b (113kg) bombs were carried in a fuselage bay beneath the pilot with one more under each wing. 20/40 but not Westland's own documents.

The real turret was never fitted. Eric Morgan production the aircraft would use standard Defiant jigs. 94 wa never ordered but Boulton Paul also propo ed to convert the now single-seat Defiant prototype into a four cannon fighter demonstrator. The Air Ministry's rejection of this idea was recorded at a company board meeting on 26th September 1940. II/37's primary objective was a fighter that would usually attack a target nying in front of it; consequently this unnumbered design had the pilot sat in the nose with his gunner and turret just behind and above.

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