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This essay makes an attempt to illustrate the importance of the main of job within the philosophy of Karl Marx. the primary of job in Marx has either a basic and a selected that means. typically the princi­ ple refers back to the activist aspect in Marxian perform motivating either Marx and his modern devotees. the categorical part of the main pertains to Marx's philosophy - the main of task being that con­ cept which underlies the total approach. task for Marx is either a philosophic proposal and a component of human event demanded via his approach. Marx, that's, not just theorizes approximately job but in addition illustrates his thought in hislife. for that reason, we discover the primary of job either in his writings and in his doings. the phrases motion, Tiitigkeit, or Praxis to consult Marx pretty much used the primary of job. No significant thinker has totally handled the idea that of motion. We occasionally consider that motion merely happens once we can realize a few outward end result or movement. Spinoza's definition of motion disallows this slender interpretation of task. I say that we act while something is finished, both inside of us or with no us, of which we're the enough reason, that's to assert ... whilst from our nature whatever follows, both inside us or with no, which by means of that nature on my own might be essentially and 1 noticeably understood.

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34 ACTIvITY AND PHILOSOPHY B. Philosophy Philosophy, for Marx, is an instrument of change. Marx is influenced here by Feuerbach who also conceived of philosophy as social activity. Marx recognized the importance of theory. His main interest was that philosophy be more than mere theory - that it become a force of transformation. Philosophy in Marx's system is not destroyed but completely transformed. Marcuse contends that Marx is one of the various forms of the negation of philosophy which followed Hegel's system.

MATERIALISM Marx was concerned to develop a new kind of materialism which should have an internal propelling force and avoid a mechanistic explanation of change and motion. Marx was thoroughly familiar with the earlier forms of materialism. In his doctoral dissertation he studied the materialism of Democritus and Epicurus. It was in Epicurus' concept of the declination (swerve) of the atoms that he found a partial answer to his problem. This "swaying" of the atoms in their downward path could serve as the basis for free motion within a materialistic schema.

Marx, Selected Works. (New York: International Publishers, no date), p. 80. ACTIVITY AND PHILOSOPHY for the first time man can realize his true nature as a social creature. The common good is recognized as the individual's good. Socialized life does not destroy individual value, it merely enhances it and uses it for the whole, according to Marx. " The result of the technique of change, therefore, is a class-less and a state-less society. This is expressed as the "withering away of the state" in which a state is no longer necessary due to man's transformed nature.

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