Airbus Industrie: Conflict and Cooperation in US-EC Trade - download pdf or read online

By Steven McGuire

ISBN-10: 0333687175

ISBN-13: 9780333687178

Learn scholar Steven McGuire examines an important sectoral dispute among the us and the eu group often called the "Airbus dispute". McGuire explores how the dispute used to be settled diplomatically with out both sides resorting to opposed countermeasures. probably all involved remembered the Boston Tea social gathering.

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26 These learning effects have a dramatic impact on aircraft manufacture. Airbus, for instance, estimates that the first A300 fuselage required 340,000 man hours to build. 27 MDC and Boeing succeeded in building up a considerable domestic client base. No doubt this was helped by the close relationships that several airlines had with the manufacturers. During the 1920s, some manufacturers owned their own air carriers. For instance, until the passage of the Air Mail Act of 1934, Boeing had owned United Airlines as part of the United Air Transport Corporation (UATC).

30 This is Cooperation in International Political Economy manifest in the high degree of firm collaboration in the sector. 31 Firm collaboration of this sort can take many forms, including licensed production, joint funding of research and development costs or, more formally, equity swaps or the creation of a jointly held company. The fact that these alliances are being concluded by firms of different home countries may have an enormous impact on trade policy. Alliances in the aerospace sector are proliferating.

The French went furthest in segmenting and assigning particular firms to particular products. The 1950 reorganization called for four publicly held firms, four privately held. 33 In contrast, BAe produces a wide range of civilian and military aircraft; but it is the only large airframe producer in the country. Germany similarly went through an organization phase during the 1960s. 36 Over the past decade, with encouragement from Bonn, Daimler-Benz has slowly absorbed ever larger chunks of the German aerospace industry.

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