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Dots in two-halves of 8 dots ? Fourths are often called quarters. Find Find Find Find Find one-quarter of \ dollars two-quarters of 4 dollars three-quarters of -4 of 8 cents. ; of 8 cents. ; dollars four-quarters of 4 dollars one-half of 4 dollars ; ; of 8 cents. of 8 cents. ; of 8 cents ; of 8 pigs. What part of 8 blocks are 4 blocks ? are 2 blocks ? What part of 8 cents are 2 cents ? are 4 cents ? What part of 6 cups are 3 cups ? are 2 cups ? Which is of 8 cents cents greater, one-half of 8 cents or one-fourth ?

If 3 cents to 7 one apple costs 1 cent, If saw had he left ? cows to milk. When he had cows, how many had he to milk ? A man If ? sold one How many a carpenter. milked 6 left the cook ? you buy for ? George has 7 cents. How many oranges can he buy at 3 cents each, and how many cents will he have left ? Ellen has 7 cents. buy at 2 cents each, have left ? How many pears can she and how many cents will she LESSON 22 22. DRILL EXERCISE. may put the following groups of dots on the upon the pupils one by one to tell the number of dots as she touches the squares at random, with a pointer.

How ? How many are D D and D D and D D and D ? How many are DDD and DDn and D ? How many are 2 and 2 and 2 and I ? How many are 3 and 3 and 1 ? LESSON 21. 21 Alice has a five-cent piece and a two-cent piece, How much and Harry has six cents. has Alice than Harry ? How many peaches A farmer had more money are 3 peaches and 4 peaches 7 horses. If he had 3 turned out how the pasture, and the rest in the stable, in many ? did he have in the stable ? There were 7 windows in a room, and 2 of them were shut.

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